Sunday, December 19, 2010

Edward Jenner Story

I found this cartoon which caters to the young mind, I found it hilarious but very informative, It is a brief history on the life of Edward jenner.

What Would Edward Jenner Think About The Vaccination if He Was Still Alive?

by James Soyemi
There have been many improvements and advancements in the way we use vaccinations in modern society. In the 18th century, Edward Jenner believed extracting cowpox directly from infected cows and injecting it to human beings would solve smallpox. For many of his patients, this actually worked. Doctors and scientists now and days would not extract animal blood or waste and directly put it in humans. If Edward Jenner was still alive today, he wouldn’t use the swine flu vaccine. Some doctors today refuse to give infected swine flu patients the vaccination, because of the side effects. On websites like twitter, people are posting “we’re all going to die from the vaccine”. This would make young people not want to get vaccinated. Edward Jenner might be able to find an alternative way to cure infected swine flu patients. Instead of using the usual vaccination, he might extract fluids from sick pigs and use it on swine flu patient. This procedure might work because; it is believed that swine flu came from pigs. In general, Edward Jenner can be accredited for the use of vaccination we have today. He cured many lives during his time, and if he was still alive today he would be able to find an alternate vaccination method for swine flu (H1N1).

Kid getting vaccinated

Jenner Portrait